About Us

MCSniper.co was created by two Minecraft businessmen who love OG Minecraft names. They created MCSniper.co for the public community to enjoy cheap access to a high quality username sniper. Their aim has always been to provide the cheapest, most efficient sniper to the public, and not restrict access to its users.

You may be reading this and wondering what a sniper actually is. Well, a Minecraft name sniper, is a piece of infrastructure which gets Minecraft usernames which are thought to be rare or cool (known as "OG" or "Semi-OG"). The sniper has sniped a range of very "OG" or rare names, such as: off, scar, heavy and many more amazing names!

To use the sniper, all you need is a Minecraft account which is name changeable. If you don't know how to get one of these or if your account is name changeable, contact the sniper team for more information! Once you have an account, enter the details into our panel after you have registered with the site. Then type in your name and let the sniper work its magic! It's that simple!


 How do I queue a snipe?

Please refer to the following document to queue a snipe.

 What do I need to know before I use MCSniper?

Please make sure that you enter valid credentials and have your security questions disabled before querying a snipe. Afterwards, querying a snipe through our service should be simple as 1, 2, 3!

 How do I disable my security questions?

Please log in or create an account to view this answer.

 Why do you need my login?

In order for our service to go through, a valid Minecraft login is required for the account you wish for us to process. Our system instantly deletes your account information right after the snipe concludes.

Our system will login to your account a total of two times: Once when you queue the snipe, and another time when the snipe is set to execute. We ask that you do not log in to your own account 24 hours before and after the snipe to prevent it from being locked by Mojang.

 How do I know my data is secure?

MCSniper is protected with various different types of security precautions which include, but are not limited to a 2048-bit SSL certificate, the hashing of your password, and extensive remote monitoring. All of your account passwords are hashed, and your Mojang passwords are encrypted with an 2048-bit asymmetric RSA public key. We ensure your personal information's safety through our security.

 Why haven't I got my credit back?

Credits will not be refunded to those who have entered invalid credentials or had their security questions enabled; please take extra precaution when entering your account information.

If you believe that you should have received a credit refund, please contact support@mcsniper.co for further assistance.

 What are the status codes and what do each of them mean?

The Status Codes are Pending, Completed, Failed, Cancelled, and Invalid.

If the sniper has yet to make an attempt on the name you've requested, the query will be marked as Pending. If the query is to go through and to be processed through our system, it will be marked as either Completed or Failed based on the results. Under the case that we've experienced an issue with your account during the process such there being invalid credentials or security questions, your query will be marked as Invalid. Should you cancel the request before the date of the process, your query will be marked as Cancelled.

 Do you offer refunds to PayPal/Bitcoin?

We only offer refunds if your snipe is marked as "Failed". If you would like a refund, please email us at support@mcsniper.co

Please note that we do not offer refunds if you have no use for your credits, or because you don't have a valid account to use.

At this time, we currently do not support refunding Bitcoin transactions for any reason.

 Do you offer giftcode snipes?


In order to queue a giftcode snipe, please queue the snipe on the name you want with a normal Minecraft account first. Then, send an email to support@mcsniper.co with an unused Minecraft giftcode, your MCSniper.co username or email, as well as an empty Mojang account.